Friday, May 7, 2010

TAA for Farmers Update

The 15-day window for commodities to join one of the existing petitions will close May 17th.  Groups interested in joining one of the petitions filed can do so by completing form FAS-930, available at   Questions regarding joining a petition should be directed to the TAA for Farmers staff,, or by contacting the TAA for Farmers Program staff, Office of Trade Programs, at (202) 720-0638 or (202) 690-0633, or by e-mail at:

We need to start thinking about possible members of our commodity development teams for those in states where petitions are under consideration.   Looking at the list of commodities and states, Southern States could be very well represented by this program and we are excited to work with you to help identify the right professionals in your state to help deliver program benefits and training. 

Commodities under review: 1) Catfish (National), 2) Crawfish (Louisiana), 3) Cut Lilies (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia), 4) Blue Crabs (Georgia), 5) Shrimp (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas), 6) Lobsters (National), 7) Spiny Lobsters (Florida), 8) Asparagus (California, Michigan and Washington), and 9) Cranberries (New Jersey).

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