Friday, November 12, 2010

TAA Applicant Changes

Any changes that need to be made by the TAA applicant must be done through the FSA office where they applied. Incorrect applicant names, addresses, etc.  The procedure to get changes in any of the applicant contact info or the alternates is to have the applicant contact the FSA office where they applied. There are issues with data in several Southern States.  The Center for Farm Financial Management has been working this week with their FSA DC contact to get these issues resolved. And a message outlining this process has been sent to all FSA offices as of the previous Wednesday. It indicates that local offices are suppose to accept and make the changes. We know you are getting calls from applicants on this issue and many others as are we all. Any further comments are appreciated so we can identify problems and fix them.

Posted via email from Southern Risk Management Education Center

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