Monday, November 1, 2010

Initial Orientation Deadline -- December 22

For all TAA for Farmers applicants for catfish, asparagus and shrimp (if you applied before September 24) you MUST complete Initial Orientation before December 22, 2010.  Please see for possible locations near you.  All approved applicants must complete the Initial Orientation by December 22, 2010 in order to be eligible to receive benefits under the TAA for Farmers program. 

The Initial Orientation for TAA for Farmers for all approved commodities will be available online beginning November 8. To take online courses for credit, view status toward completion, and to complete all required phases of TAA, you need to sign up at for an account.  There are instructions for registering for your account available on the TAA site listed above.  If you have questions or problems signing up for an account on the TAA site please email: or call: (612) 625-1964.  If you would like to complete training online, but do not have high speed internet, please consider your local public library, contact your local University Cooperative Extension office or contact us at the Southern RME Center by email: or phone: (501) 671-2165 to help you identify a location.

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