Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TAA for Farmers

Many of the TAA participants have finished training, submitted approved Initial Business Plans and are working with a consultant on the final phase of the program – the Long Term Business Plan.  We have hundreds of consultants out in the field working hard to help the participants get started and finish this final step.  A few things to note as most are moving into this final phase or will be in the upcoming months:

1) Your Official TAA Consultant will NEVER ask you for money.  You are not required to pay anything for your TAA Consultant’s services.  If you are asked to pay for services from someone telling you they are associated with the TAA for Farmers program, please contact the Southern Risk Management Education Center immediately at 501-671-2165 or via email

2) A TAA Consultant will be assigned to you.  There are a limited number of TAA Consultants and thousands of TAA participants.  We will get a consultant assigned to you.  If you are waiting to be assigned a consultant or have a meeting scheduled but it is a couple of weeks out on the calendar, you can get started on your Long Term Business Plan on your own.  If you have an account with the site you can log in and begin work immediately on your Long Term Plan.  This will help make your limited time with your consultant more productive and get you closer to reaching your goals.  If you do not have an online account set up we strongly encourage you to do so.  Ag Plan is a powerful business planning tool and is what drives the business planning process in the program.  Using it via the website is the best way to gain access to the full features of the software. 

3) Get a Head Start.  Before meeting with your consultant, before even being assigned a consultant, get a head start on your Long Term Business Plan.  If you don’t have one, create and log on to and fill out as much information in the business plan as you can on your own.  Most, if not all, of the information required on your business plan you already know – much of it is top of the head type of information.  Having a head start and bringing financial records to your initial meeting with your consultant will help make your time with your consultant much more effective and help you navigate this final phase more quickly.

4) Cash Payments. We have no role in sending out your cash payments nor do your consultants.  If you have questions regarding your payments you should direct them to the Farm Service Agency. 

As always, contact the Southern Risk Management Education Center with questions or comments about the TAA for Farmers program.  We appreciate all of your hard work and hope the program has been a positive and rewarding experience for you.

TAA for Farmers Program Staff

Southern Risk Management Education Center


Posted via email from Southern Risk Management Education Center

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