Friday, January 13, 2012

Training Available to the Public

The online training modules that were developed for the TAA for Farmers and Fishermen training program are available to the public.  There are many useful training modules ranging from specific to the approved commodities in the program (shrimp, catfish, asparagus, lobster, and wild blueberries) to trainings that are non-commodity specific (financial management, business planning, direct marketing, etc.)

There are 39 courses available via the National TAA for Farmers website.  The links below are for farmers, fishermen and educators interested in viewing the materials NOT for TAA participants seeking credit for training.  If you are a qualified applicant (application period is closed) make sure you follow the links to login to take courses for credit.  Follow any of the links below for a list of all training available online or commodity specific training most relevant to southern catfish farmers and shrimp fishermen.

After you click on one of the below links (or you select a course from the main training page) you will be taken to the home training page for the topic you selected. There will be a short intro video for each topic that shows how to use the TAA Online Training.  To view the selected training course, on the top left of the screen click on “Presentations” and the course specific training sections will appear and you can begin the training course or choose which portion of the training you wish to view.

TAA for Farmers Online Courses (ALL Courses):

Catfish Training

Risk Management for Catfish Farmers

Production Practices for Catfish Farmers

Health Management for Farm-Raised Catfish

Market Channels & Alts for Comm. Catfish

Shrimp Training

Coast Guard Licensing and Federal Laws

Shrimp Marketing Opportunities

Reducing Fuel Use in Tropical Shrimp Fisheries

National Training (Non-Commodity Specific)

Direct Marketing

Developing Your Financial Statements and Measures

Interpreting Financial Statements and Ratios

Developing Your Business Plan

Strategic Positioning for Farmers & Fishermen

Financial Planning for Fishing Families

Controlling Labor Management Risks

Transition Planning for Your Business

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